Poem 4.


I run my fingertips across

and the

makes my flesh pads expand


Poem 3.


Why does the sunshine

remind me

your eyes                                          your soul

I sigh                                                  you

I smile                                               shine

Poem 1.

In the heat of summer

you read me poems

sweat between creases

capillaries expanding

and palms wiping foreheads –

you read me poems

I lay against your sound

tonation floats up and down

keep reading until




A short notice.

My eyes ran across your cheeks

And then sprinted to your lips

Round your beard and up to your nose,

Rolling onto the curves your brows

A moments’ pause at this point –

Knowing I’d be sweetly looking into your eyes.

Excited and zealous and gleeful like a kid

Chasing along the skin to arrive at my favourite part,

Here, into those eyes, I dive, heart pounding and complete submission, to never come up from submerging.